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Temporary work



TEMPORARY WORK is a perfect solution which completes managing personnel policy in a modern company in an elastic way and supports the work of a permanent team with the help of "external" employees provided by PROSPERUS.


An ideal method of supplementing the personnel in periods of intensified production, an increase in orders,

sales or projects carried out additionally.

It functions perfectly as a replacement during holiday period or during a period when an employee is on sick leave.

It can also function as a trial period for a new employee!


Why is it worth to use the services of a temporary employment?


Ø elasticity of shaping the level of employment in the company

   = decrease in the number of permanent positions in an enterprise, which means that the level of employment only

       involves key employees

   = possibility to efficiently replace permanent employees on sick leave or on holiday leave with temporary employees


Ø decreasing the costs of employment

   = adjusting the number of employees to current needs

   = more favourable, in comparison to standard employment contract, legal regulations concerning calculating leaves,

       termination notices and prolonging contracts

   = reduction in costs and limiting the size of employee benefits during production standstills and seasonal

      decreases in efficiency

   = possibility to test the competences of an employee in a comprehensive way

       before employing them for a position in a company


Ø transferring the weight of activities connected with personnel and payroll administration

   = concluding contracts with employees,

   = calculating the work timesheets,

   = calculating remunerations,

   = settling accounts in Social Insurance Office (ZUS) and Fiscal Office (US),

   = terminating employment contracts,

   = drafting up employment records, tax declarations (PIT tax declarations) etc.


Ø simple rules for cooperation,

Ø one contract - limiting bureaucracy in an enterprise,

Ø one invoice - many people to work,

Ø monitoring the course of realisation of an order and an efficient reaction to changes to the volume of the order




EMPLOYEE LEASING (usually low-level positions)

We provide, depending on the needs, specialised labourers or employees of low qualifications who are employed in the production process or to help with supplementary work.


TRY&HIRE (usually mid-level positions)

we provide specialists of varied experience, depending on the needs of a Client. We offer a wide range of knowledge and practice - from a qualified office employee to a specialist working in the field. The period of temporary employment is treated as a trial period, after which the employee is employed directly by the Company.


INTERIM MANAGEMENT (high-level positions)

We provide the best-class managing staff who have had successful experiences and can temporarily replace a given employee or realise a given project.