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Personal audit

Ø PROSPERUS has been in operation continuously since 2001

   = established position on the recruitment market

Ø using proven, professional and effective methods of recruitment and selection

   = appropriately planned and conducted recruitment process is the best warranty of acquiring optimal candidates

Ø using recruitment tools based on competence assessment, guaranteeing accurate personnel decisions

   = warranty of financial benefits and condition of a market success of the Client

Ø cooperation with high-class specialists: psychologists, assessors and consultants

   = warranty of professional and effective recruitment process


What is tested?


When an audit is conducted, the following issues are tested:

Ø employees' knowledge,

Ø employees' skills,

Ø employees' predispositions,

Ø processes concerning human resources management. 


How is it tested?


When an audit is conducted, the following techniques and tools are used:

Ø Assessment / Development Centre,

Ø psychological questionnaires and psychometric tests,

Ø skills tests,

Ø age management – age profile,

Ø process mapping.


What are the results?


After an audit is conducted, the Company:

Ø gains knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of employees or candidates,

Ø gains recommendations regarding the possibility to take advantage of identified competences,

Ø gains an objective assessment of the functioning of personnel management systems.