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Closed courses



Ø PROSPERUS has been in operation continuously since 2001

   = established position on the recruitment and education market


Ø experience in providing courses for business and public administration

   = a possibility to adapt to the specificity of activity of the Client


Ø organising commercial courses and courses co-financed from the European Social Fund

   = an ability to find the optimal solution for the Client


Ø experience in organising courses on acquiring new hard skills and soft competences

   = openness to specific needs of the Client


Ø cooperation with high-class specialists: coaches and consultants

   = warranty of a professional and effective workshop


Why is it good to develop the employees?


Ø improving knowledge and skills of the employees

   = increased efficiency in performing tasks

   = limiting the need for correction and supervision from the superiors

   = limiting the fluctuation of employees


Ø caring for the development of an employee

   = building a positive image of the Company in the eyes of the employees

   = increasing the motivation and loyalty of the employees


Ø experienced and educated employees

   = a bigger competitiveness of the Company on the market


Ø harmonising the structure of the Company (team of employees)

   = improvement of communication and decreasing the risk of conflicts

   = increasing efficiency




1st  stage    • discussing educational needs

                    [optionally: personal audit]


2nd stage    • preparing the course schedule

                  • establishing the date and place of the course


3rd  stage    • conducting the course


4th  stage    • evaluation of the course






• Sales controlling

• Administrative execution of the waste fee

• Assertive conflict management in a team

• Assertive communication in counteracting and managing conflict and mobbing

• Task communication and interpersonal communication with co-employees and clients

• Assertive approach to a difficult Client

• Time management and self-management in time

• Self-management in time - optimisation of task realisation in the Office

• Revision of the Public Procurement Act

• Revision of the Code of Administrative Proceedings

• Labour law 2015

• Personal data protection

• Management control

• Harmonious task orchestra

• The language of sales

• Professional purchaser

• Effective sale over the phone

• Lean Manufacturing

• VSM Workshop - value stream mapping for the production process

• Professional Business Plan

• Successful negotiations in business

• Orders and negotiations

• Basic negotiations

• Advanced negotiations

• Assertive tools in patient/Client service

• Sales path - marketing skills workshop

• Effective communication during change

• A Manager - a Leader

• From Leader to mentor

• Competence academy - development of managerial skills and Customer service

• Sales path - development of marketing and managerial skills

• Emotional intelligence

• Outdoor - Communication from A to Z

• Outdoor - Time management

• Team management

• Personal effectiveness and time management


… These and many more are for you



Details concerning courses through the contact form



Proposition = necessity to specify topic and thematic range of the course

for it to be adapted to actual needs of the Company.